Marketing translations

We offer:

  • translation of websites
  • translation of advertisements
  • translation of press releases
  • translation of marketing research materials and reports
  • translation of books and articles on marketing
  • translation of marketing- and communications-related scientific data
  • translation of laws and legals acts regulating marketing activities and communication

Quality assurance

Translation of marketing texts is not an easy job because translation involves a creative approach seeking to convey the original idea, mood and communicated value. Therefore, we make sure we first understand the client’s operations (services and products), target audience and the core message. The marketing texts are assigned to translators who have excellent language skills and an ability to adapt the translated text to a specific group of consumers while preserving its basic idea. Once translation is completed, editors will be asked to review the text in order to ensure that the translation fulfills accuracy, flow and clarity criteria. If necessary, specialists in a relevant field may be consulted to confirm appropriate use of terminology. Upon request of a client, translations can be additionally reviewed in a format it will be presented to the target audience. Marketing translations, like translations in any other field, are performed in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards.

You can fully trust us because:

  • Translation will be delivered on time.
  • Translation will convey the exact meaning and message of the source text.
  • Translation will be culturally appropriate.
  • Terminology will be correct and used consistently.
  • Translation will be free of any grammar, spelling, style and other errors.
  • Translation will fully meet your specifications and expectations.

What our clients say:

I am happy to say that translation is very nice. It does not sound like
translation at all, wording, sentence structure, word choices are natural and appropriate, punctuation and capitalization are great.
Aleksandra Lipa, Webcertain Translates
Many thanks for completing the translation. It reads superbly in English!
Dr. Anthony Monks, Translate (GB) Ltd

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