Quality management

LINGVOBALT is certified and offers translation services that adhere to the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard. Our company’s internal regulations, guided by this standard, establish rigorous criteria for processes concerning human and technical resources, client relationships, project management, and quality control.

The ISO 17100:2015 quality standard establishes professional competences and quality requirements for translators, editors and quality control specialists involved in the translation process. According to this standard, each translation needs to be reviewed to ensure compliance with all quality specifications.

In the process of work, translators and editors use reliable information resources and always consider client’s special instructions, reference materials and preferred terminology. If necessary, specialists of a respective field are consulted in order to ensure that industry-specific terminology is used and the correct meaning is conveyed.

We offer a 100% guarantee for all of our translations. If there are any issues or questions related to the translations completed by us, we will work on them until they meet your full satisfaction.

Translation project delivery process

Over the years, we have developed the translation project delivery process that enables us to deliver the highest quality translations. It involves the following stages:

1. Upon receiving your inquiry, we analyze the request and source files, presenting you with the optimal translation price and delivery timeframe.

2. Following your order placement, our project manager assigns the task to a qualified translator and editor, providing them with all pertinent materials and instructions. If needed, we develop a glossary or undertake any necessary preparation work.

3. Upon completion of the translation, our editor carefully reviews and corrects the text. If required, we may seek assistance from specialists in the relevant industry.

4. The final stage encompasses quality assurance procedures, a comprehensive review, and timely delivery of the translation.

Ongoing communication among the project manager, translators, and editors throughout the translation process ensures that any issues are promptly addressed, minimizing the risk of missing delivery deadlines. Should uncertainties arise, the project manager liaises with the client to ensure that the translated text fully aligns with their needs and expectations.

Quality management system guarantees that:

  • Translation will be delivered on time.
  • Translation will convey the exact meaning and message of the source text.
  • Translation will be culturally appropriate.
  • Terminology will be correct and used consistently.
  • Translation will be free of any grammar, spelling, style and other errors.
  • Translation will fully meet your specifications and expectations.

Client reviews:

Projects delivered by LINGVOBALT translation agency are characterized by high quality, consistent style and professionally translated texts.
Renaldas Baliūtis, Attorney at Law
LINGVOBALT is an honest, responsible and punctual translation agency. Translation services have been always delivered in a professional, appropriate and timely manner.
Vilma Vaicekauskaitė, Lithuanian Airports

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