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Transcription. Transcription services usually involve the conversion of an audio or video material to text. The transcribed text may be used as the basis for subsequent translations into different languages. We transcribe almost all types of formats. The price for transcription services is based on an hourly rate. The price for further translation services is determined by a language combination and the number of source words.

Voice over. Voice over is a technique where a voice, typically of a professional narrator, is recorded and layered over visual content, such as videos, presentations, or animations. It provides narration, explanation, or commentary, enhancing the viewer’s understanding and engagement with the visuals. We provide voice over services in Baltic and all European languages and can offer you a wide choice of voice samples.

Certification of translations. Certified translations are important in various legal proceedings and are often required by different authorities. Many state institutions require a translation to be certified in order to accept a particular document as valid. The translations can be certified either by a notary or by our agency.

Legalization of documents. Legalization refers to the process whereby the notary verifies that a public document bears the genuine signature, seal or stamp of the authority that produced it. We offer the Apostille service that ensures that your document will be accepted for legal use in all countries that have signed the Hague Convention. If your documents require a translation before or after the Apostille, we can take care of it all.

You can fully trust us because:

  • All the services will be provided in a quality and professional manner.
  • We will consider all your comments and needs.
  • Your documents will be prepared and delivered in time.
  • We will take care of all administrative tasks needed to fulfill your assignment.

What our clients say:

You are the best!
Virginija Mikšytė, Law firm PRIMUS
We strongly recommend to choose LINGVOBALT services.
Renaldas Baliūtis, Attorney at Law

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