Medical translations

We offer:

  • translation of user manuals for medical equipment
  • translation of medical equipment software
  • translation of clinical trial reports, protocols and studies
  • translation of package leaflets and summary of product characteristics of medicinal products
  • translation of documents issued by health care institutions
  • translation of medical accounting documents and forms
  • translation of scientific and popular medicine literature
  • translation of medical marketing materials
  • translation of medical legal documents (laws, legal acts, contracts), etc.

We translate texts in the fields of general medicine, surgery, dermatology, genetics, gynaecology, cardiology, traumatology, odontology, oncology, paediatrics, pharmacy, pharmacology, cosmetology, physiotherapy, biomedicine, chemistry and other areas.

Quality assurance

Medicine is a particularly sensitive area, therefore, medical texts are assigned for translation or review only to the specialists with a degree in life sciences who possess extensive experience in medical translation. Translators qualified to translate texts of medical nature understand the terminology and equipment used in a particular medical field, as well as the applicable requirements. LINGVOBALT project managers always ensure that translators are provided with all necessary information or reference materials to ensure accuracy of translation and compliance with client’s instructions. Medical translations, like translations in any other field, are performed in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard.

You can fully trust us because:

  • Translation will be delivered on time.
  • Translation will convey the exact meaning and message of the source text.
  • Translation will be culturally appropriate.
  • Terminology will be correct and used consistently.
  • Translation will be free of any grammar, spelling, style and other errors.
  • Translation will fully meet your specifications and expectations.

What our clients say:

All translation and editing jobs were performed with high quality and delivered on time.
Giedrius Lopata, Sanofi-aventis Lietuva
All translations were delivered in a professional, quality and timely manner!
Roma Mockutė, State Medicines Control Agency of Lithuania

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