Technical translations

We offer:

  • translation of equipment installation and operation manuals
  • translation of technical maintenance guides
  • translation of user manuals of domestic appliances
  • translation of technical specifications
  • translation of technical regulations
  • translation of data sheets
  • translations of patents and patent applications
  • translation of other technical documentation

We translate texts in the fields of agriculture, food industry, construction, engineering, energy, defense, aviation, shipping, automotive, printing, oil industry, packaging and other industrial sectors.

Quality assurance

Technical texts are assigned for translation only to linguists specialising in the respective industry and possessing extensive translation experience in the technical field. LINGVOBALT project managers always ensure that translators and editors are provided with all necessary information about the client’s products and operations to ensure accuracy of translation, use of appropriate terminology and compliance with client’s requirements. Technical translations, like translations in any other field, are performed in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard.

You can fully trust us because:

  • Translation will be delivered on time.
  • Translation will convey the exact meaning and message of the source text.
  • Translation will be culturally appropriate.
  • Terminology will be correct and used consistently.
  • Translation will be free of any grammar, spelling, style and other errors.
  • Translation will fully meet your specifications and expectations.

What our clients say:

It is always a great pleasure to work with professionals who perform orders in a timely and quality manner. We respect the partner who keeps its word, is flexible and always tries to meet the customer’s needs.
Lina Stanienė, Kesko Senukai Lithuania
I am happy to say that translation is very nice. It does not sound like
translation at all, wording, sentence structure, word choices are natural and appropriate, punctuation and capitalization are great.
Aleksandra Lipa, Webcertain Translates

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