Financial and business translations

We offer:

  • translation of audit reports and conclusions
  • translation of bank agreements, certificates and statements
  • translation of financial statements and accounting documents
  • translation of laws and legals acts regulating the finance and business sector
  • translation of economic forecasts and overviews
  • translation of annual reports and plans
  • translation of methodological materials in the field of finance, accounting, auditing and investment
  • translation of articles and press releases on finance- and business-related topics

Quality assurance

Financial and business translations are assigned to translators with appropriate expertise, knowledge of terminology and specific language style. During translation, they refer to financial, accounting, audit and other glossaries, dictionaries, terminology databases, and official documents issued by the EU institutions. Concepts and documents used internally in the company or institution requesting a translation are always taken into consideration. Financial translations, like translations in any other field, are performed in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard.

You can fully trust us because:

  • Translation will be delivered on time.
  • Translation will convey the exact meaning and message of the source text.
  • Translation will be culturally appropriate.
  • Terminology will be correct and used consistently.
  • Translation will be free of any grammar, spelling, style and other errors.
  • Translation will fully meet your specifications and expectations.

What our clients say:

Thank you for fast and high quality translation!
Jūratė Aželionytė, European Investment Fund
LINGVOBALT is an honest, responsible and punctual translation agency. Translation services have been always delivered in a professional, appropriate and timely manner.
Vilma Vaicekauskaitė, Lithuanian Airports
The translation was outstanding! Thank you for your great and prompt work.
Inga Miliauskienė, Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

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